Add an expressive, colourful and fresh twist to your jewellery collection with a vibrant statement piece from one of the Jessica Noble Design collections. We believe that choosing your jewellery should be fun and personal, that’s why you can get just what you want from our designs with our customised service.

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Entropic Collection


Sleek contours, bold colours and precision manufacture; this confident and stylish collection brings you the future of British design technology. Each piece is individually made by Jessica using the latest in computer aided design and 3D Printing technologies.
Designed to be playfully unpredictable and influenced by random and free-form surfaces, the ‘Entropic’ collection uses digital precision to design and produce seemingly uncontrolled patterns, flowing lines and contorted shapes. This unpredictable aesthetic reveals an illusion of movement through shifting glimpses of colour, pattern and light.
Made in sterling silver, hand finished and painstakingly hand coloured with thixotropic resins this design combines the best of traditional craft whilst using the latest technologies to break free from the traditional design barriers.
A bespoke service allows you to customise the colour so that your piece is a unique reflection of you.

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Synergy Collection

This innovative design re-imagines traditional methods of silver and gemstone jewellery with hand crafted swathes of silver that wrap fluidly around contours of the body, offset with the vibrant colour of crushed and inlaid gemstones.
Inspired by the energetic and vibrant city streets of London, the spontaneous fluid lines and bright colours celebrates the energy and exhilaration of city life and the synergy between us and our urban space.

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Reflect Collection

The award winning ‘Reflect’ collection plays with form, colour and light. Combining fun with luxury, ‘Reflect’ invites you to make a bold and playful statement. Hand crafted in silver using a range of raising and forming techniques, this confident and expressive collection glows with a bright impact of colour, light and reflection.


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Bespoke Design


Create jewellery that is as individual as you: Whether you are looking for that perfect and cherished gift, a bridal collection with a twist, something to mark those special moments in life or simply a luxurious treat for yourself.
Work directly with our leading innovative designer, Jessica Noble to create your very own unique design with a personality that you could not find on the high street.


Award winning design

Award Winning Design

A playful style mixed with innovative design and artisan craft sees Jessica’s designs really causing a stir. With a good pinch of British fun, Jessica Noble offers the latest talent in emerging jewellery designs. From everyday street style to red carpet glamour, Jessica’s bright designs will always stand out. Jessica designs for everyone that looks to celebrate their vibrant and fun loving personality with bold colour and the latest head turning styles.


Be Connected

Get Connected

We like to keep things innovative and interactive. Be the first to try out our latest designs and get sneak previews to the newest collections with our Pop-Up Boutiques, Events, Flash Mobs and exclusive parties.


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